Youth employment generation programme in Arab transition countries– Jordan component phase II


 Youth filling applications to join one of the project activities

This project is the second phase of a multi-country program that has been developed to address the complexity of youth employment challenge to contribute to poverty reduction and social stability in Arab countries, including Jordan. This second phase of the project will build on the experience and lessons learned from Phase I of the project. The project will be implemented in 6 governorates in Jordan, characterized with high levels of poverty and/or unemployment, targeting youth employment creation.

The project will contribute to job creation through internships, vocational training, and developing businesses based on entrepreneurial business ideas, and SMEs establishment. All components will be demand driven focusing on the different partner companies and market needs.

What have we accomplished so far

Project document signed and approved in March 2013.

Who Finances it?

Government of Japan : USD 2,000,000


A recent internship programme was launched on a website calledKhireej which houses intership opportunities provided by the Programme for the youth. Please click here to visit the website.  

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