Localization of the MDGs in the Governorate of Zarqa


In 2004 the Government of Jordan produced its first national Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report. The report monitored MDG achievements and identified gaps at the national level. This information was used as inputs by decision-makers to direct resources to further MDG progress. However, due to its focus on national level analysis, its recommendations remained only at the "aggregate" levels, not addressing the local level needs.

To help close this gap, UNDP Jordan currently supports the government in preparing studies that take into account the local dimensions of MDG challenges. The first report as such will be on Zarqa governorate.

The Governorate of Zarqa is the most densely populated and polluted area of Jordan. From 1997 to 2008 poverty decreased from 16% to 11.2%. Four of the 20 poverty pockets identified in Jordan are located in Zarqa. Poverty rates in these pockets range from 29% to 52.2%, induced by low levels of education, high fertility and dependency rates, exacerbated by low wages, inadequate social protection schemes, and severe environmental deterioration.

The report is expected to highlight these challenges and propose long-term solutions based on research that was supported by extensive consultations with a wide spectrum of stakeholders

What have we accomplished so far

  • A draft MDG report has been prepared and capacity building workshops for local partners have been conducted in areas of strategic planning and communications skills. The draft report underwent consultations with the governorate’s NGOs.
  • A local consultant was hired to update, analyze the data and write the report which is expected to be finalized in September 2011.
  • Two consultative workshops were held in July and September 2011 headed by the Ministry of Planning, Zarqa Governorate and UNDP. The workshops were attended by more than 80 participants representing Ministries, NGOs, municipal leaders, professional unions, CSOs, research centers, the chambers of commerce and industry.
  • The workshops were divided into working groups to review and cover each of the MDGs in terms of the status of the goal, strengths, challenges and recommendations and review of the data.
  • The revised report was shared again with different parties for final revision.
  • The MDGs Zarqa Report is expected to be launched in mid 2013, which will provide data on the current status of the implementation of MDGs in this governorate and localizing the goals at the sub-national level to promote local MDG planning.

Expected outputs

  • Awareness of government agencies, CSOs and the public on the MDGs in Zarqa is raised
  • Capacity of the Zarqa Governorate’s local development unit, as well as key staff of line ministries, municipalities and local councils who are involved in the planning process to develop, implement, and monitor policies and programmes needed to achieve the MDGs is strengthened
  • Capacity of select civil society organizations at the governorate level to monitor and influence local policies, strategies and programmes in local plans within the framework of the MDGs is enhanced.

Who Finances it?

Total Budget: USD 130,629

DGTTF USD 75,000

UNDP USD 55,929

Delivery in previous fiscal year

USD 130,329.00

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