Strengthen National Decision Making towards Ratification of the Minamata Convention and Build Capacity towards Implementation of Future Provisions

Project Objective

Undertake a Mercury Initial Assessment to enable the Government to determine the national requirements and needs for the implememtation of the Minamata Convention and establish a sound foundation to undertake future work towards implementing  convention provisions

Project Strategy

This project is consistent with Jordan’s national development priorities as well as the on-going UN operations as identified by the Country Assessment for Jordan. The project will implement the following activities:

  1. Undertake an assessment of legislation and policies in regard to the implementation of Minamata Convention provisions
  2. Undertake an initial assessment of Mercury in the following categories:
  • Stocks of mercury and/or mercury compounds and import and export procedures including an assessment of the storage conditions;
  • Supply of mercury, including sources, recycling activities and quantities;
  • Sectors that use mercury and the amount per year, including manufacturing processes, ASGM and mercury added products;
  • Trade in mercury and mercury containing compounds:

      3. Identify

  • Emission sources of mercury;
  • Release sources of mercury to land and water.

      4. Assess institutional and capacity needs to implement the Convention.

      5. Mainstream national Mercury priorities in national policies and plans to raise the importance of Hg priority interventions

Main Highlights in the Sector

Given the dangers associated with Mercury and its compounds to public health and to the environment. The Government of Jordan represented by its Ministries and other governmental institutions has worked to target mercury and its compounds within their national legislation to reduce its risks; for instance, Mercury and its compounds were regulated and targeted in the lists of restricted chemicals that should be handled as hazardous waste in order to be disposed in an environmentally sound management.

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