Mainstreaming Rio Convention Provisions into National Sectoral Policies

Brief/ Background

 The goal of this project is to deliver global environmental benefits through more holistic and effective management of the natural environment to meet national socio-economic priorities.  To this end, the project’s objective is to mainstream Rio Convention provisions into three key national sectoral policies.  The first expected outcome under the project is that the institutional capacities of the HKJ will have been strengthened to formulate and design sectoral policies, plans, programmes, and strategies that are embedded with Rio Convention provisions, the implementation of which is better likely to produce and sustain global environmental benefits.  The project will produce core outputs leading to targeted Rio Convention mainstreaming in three priority strategies and plans: the National Rangeland Strategy, the National Drought Management Action Plan, and the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.  Roadmaps will be developed for each strategy/plan, and three demonstration projects per strategy/plan will pilot high value recommendations at the municipal level.  The second project outcome seeks to enhance awareness and understanding of how the Rio Conventions contribute to the sustainable development process and national development priorities.  This outcome will focus on engaging large numbers of stakeholders from all segments of society including youth, women, academia, NGOs, media, local communities, and the private sector.  This project will be implemented under the 2013-2017 Jordan-United Nations Partnership Framework, with UNDP project support to the Government of Jordan on a programme of activities to meet national commitments to the Millennium Development Goals and the Rio Conventions, among other multilateral environmental agreements.  The learning-by-doing approach of the project will facilitate the institutionalization of the capacities developed under the project by having social actors think critically on how to conceptualize more complex, holistic, and resilient social systems of improved governance for the conservation of the global environment

Expected Outputs

Output (1): SWOT and Gap analyses of Jordan’s policy and institutional framework for Rio Convention implementation

Output (2): Strengthening inter-ministerial communication, coordination, and collaboration on Rio Convention mainstreaming

Output (3): Rio Convention mainstreaming in the National Rangeland Strategy

Output (4): Rio Convention mainstreaming in the National Drought Management Action Plan

Output (5): Rio Convention mainstreaming in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan

Output (6): Resource mobilization to replicate Rio Convention mainstreaming

Financing Plan

The financing of this project will be provided by the GEF, with co-financing from the Government of Jordan and the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

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