Migratory Soaring Birds project in Jordan



The project aims to conserve more than 1.5 million of birds that migrate every year within the extended Rift Valley area in Jordan by using and improving existing law enforcement practices. This is being done through targeting the community of hunters in Jordan



  • Raised the hunters’ awareness on concepts of conservation and sustainable hunting and designing number  publications
  • Strengthened the implementing wildlife laws and regulations through partnership with Royal Rangers department and Higher judiciary council to.
  • Installed road signs to increase awareness level of public about hunting laws and regulations.
  • Developed a database to document all necessary info. about hunting

Who Finances it?

Donor Name Amount contributed
GEF $ 347,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Year Delivery
2009 $ 27,000
2010 $ 61,000
2011 $ 79,000
2012 $ 50,000
Project start date:
January, 1st , 2009
Estimated end date:
December 31, 2014
Focus Area:
Biodiversity Conservation/ Soaring Birds
Implementing Partner:
The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN).
Project Budget:
USD 347,000