Adaptation to Climate Change


Adaptation to Climate Change - construction of demonstrative household wastewater management systems for Al-Kfair community in Jordan

The joint project aims at enhancing Jordan’s key government and civil society’s capacities to adapt to climate change threats to health, food security, productivity, and human security under the conditions of severe water scarcity.

What have we accomplished so far

Adaptation to Climate Change - stakeholders meeting at Al-Kfair Village in #jordan constructing wastewater management systems
  • Conducting number of studies:
  1. Assessment of direct and indirect climate change risks to water availability and quality in Zarqa River Basin (ZRB).
  2. Assessment of opportunities and barriers to adaptation to climate change risks.
  3. Socio economical analysis of the impacts of climate change on water resources of the ZRB .
  • Completing Climate change adaptation programme for the ZRB
  • Reviewing water policies and strategies relevant to climate change and Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) to identify gaps related to climate change vulnerability and adaptation.
  • Assessment of the Ground Water resources current situation and of the stakeholders of the pilot area (Al Kfeir ) in the ZRB .
  • Developing designs for the domestic wastewater management and the best on farm practices in Al Kfier.
  • Developing Ground Water protection programme for Al-Kfier area that can up-scaled in the future to other regions of the Kingdom.
  • Designing and constructing of wastewater treatment systems for Al Kfier community.

Expected outputs

  • Sustained access to improved water supply sources despite increased water scarcity induced by climate change; and
  • Strengthened adaptive capacity for health protection and food security to climate change under water scarcity conditions.
  • UNDP output:  Strengthening adaptation capacity of Zarqa River Basin to Climate Change

Who Finances it?

Donor name Amount contributed per year
  $ 1,000,000  

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Donor name Amount contributed per year
  $ 14,723
  $ 72,595
  $ 144,528
  $ 204,125
  $ 137,108
Project Overview
Project start date:
February 2009
Estimated end date:
February 2013
Responsible Party:
Focus Area:
Adaptation to Climate Change
Implementing Partner (UNDP component)
Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, local communities in the ZRB, NGOs, local government, and Research institutions and centers
Overall Joint Program Budget:
USD 4,000,000
UNDP total budget:
USD 1,000,000
The JP has four components namely:
UNDP/MoEnv lead component, WHO/MOH lead component, FAO/MOA lead component, and UNESCO/MWI and MOEd lead component

Jordan made strategic advances towards the achievement of MDG targets, but its achievements are compromised by crippling water scarcity and aggravated by climate change, thus bringing about additional threats to health, food security, productivity, and human security.

There are several barriers to water sector adaptation to climate change that threaten the sustainability of Jordan’s achievement of the MDG targets, these include: (i) climate change risks not sufficiently taken into account within sectoral policies and investment frameworks; (ii) existing climate information, knowledge and tools are not directly relevant for supporting adaptation decisions and actions; and (iii) weak national capacity to develop sectoral adaptation responses.