Support for the electoral cycle in Jordan


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In partnership with the European Union, UNDP provides technical and nancial
support to the Independent Election Commission (IEC). Funding is provided by the EU and UNDP. The overall goal is to help the IEC – established in 2012 – develop into an institution capable of conducting elections that enjoy credibility and that are a legitimate expression of the people’s will.

What have we accomplished so far

  • The January 2013 election for the Lower House of Parliament was the rst in Jordan conducted by an independent election body. Opinion surveys showed an increase in public confiddence, and observers praised the technical preparations by the IEC. Project advisers helped strengthen the integrity of the process, for example through the introduction of pre-printed ballots with security features. The project also supported a large-scale voter education programme, targeting in particular youth and women.
  • After the elections, UNDP conducted a full capacity assessment of the institution and developed a comprehensive institutional development plan for 2014-2016, in preparation for the next national elections.
  • With project support, the IEC proposed around 100 recommendations to the Government to strengthen national legislation for future elections.
  • With extensive policy, technical and material support from the project, the IEC supervised a new voter registration process in 2012 and continues to build its capacity to maintain a credible registry.

Expected outputs

  • Supporting the development of the IEC into a credible and professional institution through capacity-building, training and advice;
  • Supporting the IEC in holding credible elections with technical and material assistance;
  • Building the capacity of the IEC to create and maintain a credible voter registry;
  • Helping strengthen the IEC’s relationship with its stakeholders, in particular political parties, civil society and media, with due regard for women and youth
  • Supporting the IEC in contributing to electoral reform discussions.

Who finances it?

This 4-year electoral support project jointly funded by the European and UNDP. The total resources are as follows:

EU: €4,000,000
UNDP: $200,000

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