Enhancing capacities of political parties, and increase public engagement with political parties


This project aims at assisting the Ministry of Political Development (MOPD) in developing and implementing a strategy to strengthen the role of political parties. 

What have we accomplished so far

  • Built the capacities of a wide segment of  youth from Universities, CSOs and Political Parties to enhance better participate in public life
  • Organized trainings on debate skills and how to establish debate clubs in the communities and conducting debates among youth on pressing issues
  • Building political awareness and elevating of Political Parties’ capacities

Expected outputs

  • Developing the research capacities the MOPD
  • Equipping the MOPD with knowledge to design outreach strategy towards political parties
  • Empowering political parties  through MOPD
  • Engaging and activating the participation of the civil society organizations, universities, youth, women and human rights groups with political parties
  • Engaging the public and private media to play a strong role in spreading understanding of political parties and changing attitudes toward participating in them.

Who finances it?

Donor Name Amount contributed
TRAC USD 400,000
Local government USD 70,621
HQ/RBAS USD 57,000
Project Start Date:
January 2011
Estimated End Date:
December 2014
Focus Area:
Democratic Governance
Responsible Party:
The Ministry of Political Development
Implementing Partner:
The Ministry of Political Development
Project Budget:
USD 527,621

To achieve this objective, UNDP will support MOPD in implementing the relevant section of it Strategy and Mandate on political parties, and through the Ministry will also work with political parties, civil society organizations, universities, youth organizations, and the media.   

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