This section is specifically designed to assist vendors who are looking for business opportunities with UNDP.


List of contracts exceeding $100,000

Project title
Vendor name
Date Value $
Emergency Employment Project (3x6 Approach) Customized Business Support & Mentorship Service (Phase III:Sustainability) Migrate Business Services May 2017 207,782
Skills Exchange Stage II: Entrepreneurship & Mentorship Skills Development and Microbusinesses Establishment) Migrate Business Services April 2017 192,338
Renovation and Rehabilitation Works Required in Six Youth Centers Heptagon Contracting Company Limited March 2017 266,746
Inclusive Youth : Lead Your Generation Sharek Academy 3 January 2017 271,519
Establishment of the Pilot Windrow Composting Facility , at governorate of Mafraq – Jordan JV Golden Lines Est. for Engineering and Contracting & Al Rawabi Allajjun Construction Contracting Co. 30 November 2016 208,820
Implementation of Expansion of Physical Waste Disposal Capacity of Al Ekaider Landfill ( Emergency Cell #1) In Irbid Governorate ,Jordan JV Issa Al Tarawneh Partners Co.& Construction Experts Company November 2016 2,813,598
Skills Exchange between Jordanians and Syrian Refugees Migrate October 2016 160,589
Emergency Employment Project (3x6 Approach) Customized Business Support & Mentorship Service (Phase III:Sustainability)/Host Communities Project Migrate September 2016 185,554
National Survey for Prevention of Violent Extremism Middle East Marketing and Research Consultant (MEMC) September 2016 111,121
Legal Advisory and Alternative Dispure Resoultion Units ( ADR) Princess taghrid Institute Development and Training September 2016 159,110
Windrow Composting Turner Machine MENART September 2016 247,019
Implementing Database Using MySQL for the Beneficiaries under Livelihood and Employment Interventions SEAGULL August 2016 109,750
Hands-on/Technical Skills and Knowledge Exchange between Jordanians and Syrian Refugees Al Quds College August 2016 550,485.5
Implementation of Emergency Employment Project through 3X6 Approach Implementation of Emergency Employment Project through 3X6 Approach July 2016 737,546
Implementation of a Playground and a Public Garden at Al Salihiah and Sabha Municipalities Gulf Contracting Corporation July 2016 152,212
Design the tool and collect, synthesizes, and analyzes qualitative narratives NARRATE July 2016 150,200
Capacity Building & Training Services for Local Community Based Organizations Business Development Center June 2016 219,575
Long Term agreement for audit services-OCHA Projects BDO June 2016
Increase the use of EE/RE solutions to satisfy increasing demands electricity sustainability DTK computer June 2016 98,305
Hands-on/Technical Skills and Knowledge Exchange between Jordanians and Syrian Refugees Business Development Center May 2016
Implementation of New Administration Building ,New Guard Room & Rehabilitation of Existing buildings Infinity Construction Contracting Co. May 2016 692,063
Strategic Environmental Assessment for Jordan Tourism strategy 2016-2020 Engicon 4 April 2016 148,700
Professional Engineering Design Review and Supervision for MSW Sanitary Landfill Cell JV EPEM & Dar Al Omran 3 April 2016
Emergency Employment Project Customized Business Support & Mena/torship Service PhaseIII Migrate Business Services 23 March 2016 254,242
National Crime Survey in Jordan Strategies research 9 December 2015
Monitoring and Evaluation system for PMDU SEAGULL 16 September 2015 145,000
The inclusion of Rum Land Use Planning and Buffer Zone in the national protected areas network for natural sites with all related requirement for baselines assessment and management planning. DAR AL-OMRAN INFRASTRUCTURE & ENVIRONMENT 21 June 2015 148,966
Petra Archeological Park (PAP) Ecological and Natural Heritage Baseline Assessment and Management Plan (MP) Development DAR AL-OMRAN INFRASTRUCTURE & ENVIRONMENT 19 December 2014 149,900
Development and programming system for vocational licenses and constructions for Property Tax Project Investments in Knowledge Ltd. (iKnowledge) 1 December 2014 192,600
Demand Driven Vocational Training and Employment Activity, Mitigation the Impact of Syrian Refugees Crisis on Jordanian Vulnerable Host Communities Luminus 27 August 2014
Provision of Travel & Events Management Services for the United Nations (UN) Agencies in Jordan on long term basis Plaza Holidays and World Wide Travel
19 June  2014
Motor Vehicle Trading Company Motor Vehicle Trading Company 27 May 2014 889,513.00
Transportation and disposal of empty Askarel transformers, Askarel in drums, contaminated material and concrete in drums and PCB capacitors; this includes packaging, trans boundary movement (transportation) and final destruction Tredi Seche Global Solutions 28 April 2014
Long Term Agreement for outsourcing the cleaning services for the UNDP-Jordan building GLOBE WILLIAMS JORDAN/Al-Urdonia Al-Qubrusia Lil-Khadamat Allogestia 14 January 2014
Waste Compactors for Host Communities Project
8 December 2013
Setup of Flash Flood Early Warning System (EWS) within Petra Developing and Tourism Region (PDTR) Solution Communications & Security Systems (SOLCOM) 15 August 2013
long Term Agreement Audits of OCHA Emergency Responce Fund (ERF) Talal  Abu Ghazaleh 1 April 2013 174,330
Installation of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) in 8 Juvenile Courts and upgrade of 6 old courts in Jordan ” Jordan Engineering Systems (JES) 19 February 2013 154,515