Solid Waste Value Chain Analysis in Irbid and Mafraq -Jordan

June 2015 07 Nov 2016 123

Report on Solid Waste Value Chain Analysis

This Report presents the findings of a detailed Solid Waste Value Chain Analysis of solid waste in the Jordanian Governorates of Irbid and Mafraq conducted by Disaster Waste Recovery (DWR) in the period February – April 2015. The project was initiated and funded by UNDP Jordan with the objective of providing robust data and information for the design and implementation of solid waste management interventions.  These interventions will support the refugee host communities in Irbid and Mafraq, whose current solid waste management systems are heavily burdened by the large numbers of refugees in these Governorates.

The Solid Waste Value Chain Analysis comprised a combination of desk study work in Amman and DWR home office with extensive semi-structured interviews of more than 110 stakeholders in Irbid, Mafraq and other locations of Jordan. These stakeholders included the full range of those persons, companies and organisations dealing with solid waste from street pickers and waste pickers at the landfills through waste brokers and recycling companies to the governmental Governorates and relevant Jordanian Ministries. 


  • The proposed recommendations are all applicable to the solid waste management situation in Irbid and Mafraq where the report proposes some supporting activities to enhance the success for the implementation of the recommended interventions. These include awareness raising, greater access to financial support, more participation by the solid waste industry in relevant Governmental policies and amendments to the way solid waste management contracts are currently contracted by the JSCs.
  • Since the beginning of 2013, the UNDP Jordan Country Office has been implementing a programme to improve livelihoods and create employment opportunities for host communities affected by the influx of Syrian refugees, as well as to enhance basic service deliveries through supporting the municipalities. The objective of this project, “Mitigating the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordanian vulnerable host communities” is to support vulnerable Jordanians in the host communities of the Northern governorates of Irbid, and Mafraq.

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