Crowd Funding Intiative in Support of Jordan's Host Communities

Together We Can Make It Possible

Crowd Funding Private Sector

The harsh reality of the host communities of Syrian refugees in Jordan is one marred by bearing the brunt of limited accessibility to basic services…..Conditions are deteriorating to a point where the little that families have must be shared with those having even less.


The whole of Jordan is affected by the Syrian crisis, but the Northern Governorates of Irbid and Mafraq, are receiving increasing numbers of Syrians fleeing war and seeking refuge. A mere look at numbers and resources and the future seems bleak.  Municipalities already struggling with providing necessities are helpless against a pressing demand on basic, social and economic services let alone hiking numbers of unemployment. 


Standing still and watching the underprivileged and marginalized  pay the highest price for a crisis that has been brought upon them by the war across the borders is not a solution. The heavy burden imposed on hosting communities  is for all to shoulder.


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)- strongly believing that both Jordanian corporations and individuals- can play a greater role in enhancing the livelihood of vulnerable communities,  hence, this crowdfunding initiative. The goal is to garner support and establish strong partnerships with actors who are ready to make a tangible difference in their societies. With crowdfunding, UNDP aims at mobilizing resources to support, adopt or finance projects in various areas of community services, by matching projects with sponsors. 


Sponsors are encouraged to actively take part in shaping the outcome, to the best interest of beneficiaries and their own public image. Perhaps your company will fund a more cost-effective Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting in Mafraq Governorate, ensuring energy efficiency? Or contemplate sponsoring solar panel systems to decrease the deficit in budget due to growing energy demands.  A new public park in Al Taybeh Municipality benefitting more than 3000 families can be of interest too. The needs and possibilities are many, and the hope in corporations and individuals is alive and kicking. While Jordanian companies will provide great support to poor communities under their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, UNDP will guarantee accountability, transparency, leveraging of resources, and high visibility to all its partners and crowdfunders.

The booklet between your hands provides a brief about proposed projects starting from $5000 to $ 50,000 for each municipality. The beneficiaries include all 36 Northern municipalities. Mayors conducted consultations to identify and submit priority projects for each of their municipalities. The outcome is what you see today. A menu of project proposals that can make a difference to the people living in these communities. The projects will continue to be updated on a monthly basis… so this is just a start!

This is a call to join efforts for the public good because together we can make it possible!


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