Guiding Manual for Identifying the Best Adaptation Options

03 Jun 2013

Report Summary

Climate is changing, and this issue is no longer subject of discussion among scientists, however, the question is, when and where we are going to affected, what are the potential impacts in terms of magnitude, extent and severity. This will pose huge challenges to nations, organizations, enterprises, cities, communities and even individuals. Developing countries with limited water resources like Jordan are going to suffer most from the adverse consequences of climate change, and some highly vulnerable regions and people are already being affected.

This document is the result of a collaborative and joint efforts of many professionals from the government,private sectors, NGO’s, and local community representatives to identify the appropriate adaptationmeasures, come up with tools for prioritization of adaptation to Climate Change interventions, and develop programmes to better adapt to Climate Change impacts for the ZRB towards strengthening the capacity of the basin to adapt with Climate Change impacts. It is hoped that this study will be a motivator for other studies in other basins of the country.

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