Excutive Summary for Decision Makers on Prioritization of Adaptation Interventions and Adaptation Programme for the Zarqa River Basin

18 Jun 2013

The report compiles the adaptation measures that are relevant to water availability and quality of water resources in ZRB that can be considered best-practice for adaptation to climatechange. By doing this it aims to support the efforts of the Government of Jordan through the Ministry of Environment to incorporate climate change into the water management of ZRB.This report presents an extensive list of possible adaptation measures that can be considered bestpractice). Adaptation measures can be classified according to different dimensions. This report uses the main climate change impact addressed by the measure (e.g. water scarcity and drought, flooding), as the basis for classifying adaptation measures. (It should be kept in mind that adaptation measures frequently have significant secondary effects, both positive and negative, related to other climate change impacts on water; secondary effects are particularly interesting for their synergy potential.) Each of the sections begins with a brief discussion on current knowledge of the impact’s consequences, as well as relevant aspects such as associated effects.

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