The Panoramic Study Of The Informal Economy In Jordan

18 Jan 2012

This study comes in as a second step that follows producing the diagnostic study “The Informal economy in the Jordanian Economy” which measures the informal economy in the Jordanian economy based on the Jordan Labor Market Panel Survey 2010.

This study aims to serve different goals as follows: (i) Providing a qualitative dimension to informality in Jordan, (ii) Defining the factors that drive and motivate the informal economy, (iii) Defining whom from the various segments of society are most affected by informality (iv) Focusing on the relation between informality and both youth and women, (v) Testing the links and relations between informality and SMEs operation, (vi) Showing which sectors are most effected by informality, how and why, (viii)Showcasing the regions in Jordan that demonstrate high rates of informality

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