Democratic Governance


The Informal Sector in the Jordanian Economy

The discovery of the informal sector began to materialize in the early seventies. The notion, although alien to many, showed logic and started to develop to this day. The debate over the importance of the informal sector/economy continued, some believed that the informal sector is associated withmore

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UNDP has been leading on supporting many governance related issues, to strengthen the national capacities in having systems and procedures in place. UNDP provided technical and advisory assistance to the IEC for setting up its structure and functions, internal communication systems, and recruitment processes.

Through its programmes, UNDP aims to promote participation, accountability and effectiveness at all levels. It also encourages the building of effective and capable Jordanian institutions that are accountable, transparent, inclusive and responsive. UNDP assists the Anti-Corruption Commission to become an advocate of accountable and transparent government with zero tolerance to corruption. Additionally, UNDP is supporting the newly established Independent Election Commission to deliver its mandated functions of conducting fair and transparent elections.