Democratic Governance

  • Dec 29, 2011Integrity assessment in the health sectorThe report looked specifically at the areas of public mainly Ministry of Health (MoH) procurement of medications and medical devices and supplies. Accordingly a number of methodologies were being used to identify potential areas of integrity weakness in the public procurement processes. The existence of an effective functioning procurement system is dependent on the transparency of the processes, and ability to hold individuals, entities and personnel accountable for adhering to standard procedures, norms, laws, by-laws and regulations in each of these functions. The approach to be taken in this assessment is to focus on the level of integrity rather than to deal purely with identifying corruption.

  • The Panoramic Study Of The Informal Economy In JordanJan 18, 2012The Panoramic Study Of The Informal Economy In Jordan

  • Feb 22, 2013The Informal Sector in the Jordanian Economy


UNDP has been leading on supporting many governance related issues, to strengthen the national capacities in having systems and procedures in place. UNDP provided technical and advisory assistance to the IEC for setting up its structure and functions, internal communication systems, and recruitment processes.

Through its programmes, UNDP aims to promote participation, accountability and effectiveness at all levels. It also encourages the building of effective and capable Jordanian institutions that are accountable, transparent, inclusive and responsive. UNDP assists the Anti-Corruption Commission to become an advocate of accountable and transparent government with zero tolerance to corruption. Additionally, UNDP is supporting the newly established Independent Election Commission to deliver its mandated functions of conducting fair and transparent elections.