Analytical Study on Legislations effective in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Related to Disasters & Disaster Management

29 Aug 2011

Report Summary

Man has known disasters since his existence on this planet. Religious books tell about news related to various disasters that previous nations had suffered from. The Qur’an, for example, tells of cases in which the disobedient nations who had rebelled against God’s orders and judgment suffered from his punishment in the form of disasters so they became an example for others. Nuh’s people had been punished by a great flood; God (subhanahu wa ta’la) says ((The people of Nuh belied before them, they declared Our bondman to be liar and said, ‘he is a madman and scolded him’. He therefore prayed
to his Lord, saying ‘I am vanquished, do then take revenge for me. Then We opened the doors of heaven with forceful flowing water. And We made the earth flow with springs, so the two waters met to such a quantity, which was already decreed. And We bore Nuh on a thing of planks and nails. Floating before Our eyes, a recompense for him who was rejected. And We left it as a sign. Is there then any one who would pay attention? Therefore, how were My torment and My warnings? And verily, We have made Quran easy for remembering, is there then any one to remember?

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