Disaster Risk Management Profile

29 Aug 2008

Report Summary

Jordan is a small country in the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula. The area of Jordan is 89,213 km2; of which 88, 884 sq. km are land and 329 sq. km are water. Jordan is bordered by Syria in the north, Iraq in the north east, Saudi Arabia in the south and the West Bank and Israel in the west. It has a southern access to the Red Sea, Aqaba, which is its only sea port. Jordan is mainly a desert, with some mountain areas in the west and north-west. The majority of Jordan’s population of 5.92 million live in urban areas; mainly Amman, Zarqa, and Irbid. Amman the capital is located in the central west part of the country of Jordan and has gained its importance through history. The population of Jordan is growing at a rate of 2.3%, with life expectancy of 71.5
years. The official language of Jordan is Arabic, though many people speak English fluently.

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