Crisis Prevention and Recovery


Analytical Study on Legislations effective in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Related to Disasters & Disaster Management

Man has known disasters since his existence on this planet. Religious books tell about news related to various disasters that previous nations had suffered from. The Qur’an, for example, tells of cases in which the disobedient nations who had rebelled against God’s orders and judgment suffered frommore


Disaster Risk Management Profile for Aqaba Special Economic Zone

During its history, Jordan has seen numerous civilizations possessed political sovereignty and influence: Akkadian, Assyrian, Judean, Babylonian, and Persian empires. Jordan was for a time part of Pharaonic Egypt and also the Arab Nabataeans civilization which left rich archaeological remains atmore


Towards a resilience-based response to the Syrian refugee crisis

The Syrian crisis has resulted in more than 100,000 deaths and the displacement of over two million people. For countries in the region, the combination of refugee flows and decreased economic activity with Syria have affected growth, economic performance, fiscal health and the provision of basicmore

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UNDP is the leading multilateral agency in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction in Jordan.

UNDP works directly with national and international partners to prevent, mitigate, manage and recover from natural disasters in Jordan. We collaborate with national and local authorities as well as civil society and academia. The main focus of UNDP in Jordan is to make sure that a transformational change takes place whereby Jordan moves towards managing disaster risks rather than responding to the destructive consequences of disasters.

UNDP is supporting Disaster Risk Management efforts in Jordan through four interlinked projects: two nation-wide, one in Aqaba and one in Petra. It is anticipated that the UNDP-supported projects in Aqaba and Petra will provide the local authorities with fully functional DRM Units within the structures of the local authorities in the two locations in Southern Jordan to.