Jordan Minimata Report

2018 05 Jan 2019 142 pages

Jordan Minimata Report

The Minamata Convention on Mercury is the first global legally binding

agreement specifically designed to address contamination from a heavy

metal.  The Convention’s main thrust is for countries to ban new Mercury

mines and carry out a systematic phase-out of existing ones. It also provides

for the phase-out of Mercury containing products and reducing Mer-

cury supply and trade, to make a significant reduction in Mercury releases 

to air, water and land. The Convention also addresses: interim storage of

Mercury and its disposal once it becomes waste; sites contaminated by

Mercury; as well as human and environmental health issues related to

exposure to Mercury.Under the Minimata Convention, individual countries

seek to protect human health and the environment from the risks of Mercury

exposure by systematically controlling Mercury emissions and releases,

including phasing out the use of Mercury in certain products and processes.



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